Eco Ex serien are availble from 18 till 75 mm in standard program. The Extruders are recomended as pilot or smal production lines with output from about 12 to 100 kg pro hour, Eco Ex extruders are buildt as standard on stand with electrical cabinet in the stand, there are other model low model for filmblowing.

Eco Ex extruders can be delivered with water cooling on screwbarrel for material like silikon och rubber. KFM produce food extruders, special screws for each material to our extruders  even for Extruders of other brand. on request we deliver screw with diameter from 10 till 125 mm with the best geometri for each material regarding compression, mixningszones och ventiing zones. Silikon / Rubber screws, screwsr for TPE material och Screws for Food extrusion.