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Complete pelletizing line for recycling from 30 up to 600 kg / hour. In compound lines and re-granulating lines for film, scrap etc. The cooling bath is adjustable in the production direction to facilitate the access of the string tool.

Reservoir under the cooling bath is equipped with circulation pumps for both cooling bath and for the cooling of the extruder.

We supply complete lines with shredders, mills, cooling baths, air knives, pelletizers etc.

And even other auxiliary equipment as

transporters, scale equipment.

For recycling of waste film a grinder is used to blow up film flakes to a special hopper on the extruder. The scrap is fed on the conveyor belt that feed the film flakes as needed into the hopper


All equipment is CE marked and test run before delivery


KFM can deliver equimpment as followa regarding recycling:

  • Shredders
  • Ganulators
  • Cooling bath
  • Air Knives
  • Strand pelletizers
  • Die face pelletizers
  • transport equipment
  • Screen changers
  • Strandtooling 2-48 strands
  • Sorting equipment

Special colectors for filmfleakes, the fleakes are foling down like snow for avoid that the material make plugg. The picture shows the collector for an Eco Ex 90 mm Extruder that recykle Biodegradeble film.